Memorise: His mother saith unto the servants, whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. John 2:5 Read: 1st Kings 17:10-16, Bible in one year: Zachariah 12-14, Matthew 15:32-16:12
My life is living proof of the goodness of God. The testimonies of God’s blessings in my life are uncountable. My journey to becoming what God has made me today has not been as easy as you may think. Each time I remember where I started from and how I started, I’m usually overwhelmed with gratitude, and it beats my imagination. I remember with nostalgic feelings how God dealt with me in the past and how He is still using me as an instrument in His hands. In 1985, when I started living at the Redemption Camp with my family, there were times that I would not have =N=1 in my pocket. Do you know that there were times my wife and I would not be able to go to Lagos because we had no =N=2 to pay toll fee? I would comfort my wife on such days by telling her that God might have restricted us from going to Lagos because an accident would occur on the road. However, the fact was that I could not afford to pay the toll fee of only =2= both ways. I thank God because that condition has gone forever. Poverty is no longer a threat to whatever I want to do in life because God has placed me and all my children, both biological and spiritual, on the pedestal of irreversible blessings. The womb of lack has been completely shut forever and my cup of blessings is running over day by day. I pray that as you get committed to the work of God entrusted to your care, you will never know lack again in Jesus’ Name.
Do you know that God can choose to divert wealth to your side? If you have given your life to Christ, this is one of your benefits for being in the commonwealth of Israel by faith. Without any iota of doubt, believers can be blessed by the Lord greatly. God could decide to arrange the transfer of wealth that unbelievers have laid up for years to you without much problem. In fact, if you understand the glorious agenda of wealth transfer, unbelievers could even be struggling to bless you. Sometimes ago, I told all my children at the auditorium of the Redemption Camp that I did not want anyone to give me cars were no longer an issue for me. Before I got home on that very day, four cars were already waiting for me and two of these cars were from Muslims. When God decides to set you up for irreversible blessings, poverty will become a total stranger to you. However, you must live a life that will glorify God. You must maintain a constant, unbroken fellowship with Him. Live a life that will be a blessing to the Lord if you don’t want His prosperity to be withdrawn from you. Are you in the doldrums of debt and poverty? Believe God for a divine set-up. It will be an encounter that will position you for the blessing that will cause your cup to run over.   

Prayer Point

Father, please give me an explosive miracle today that will make my cup run over.
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